Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op was incorporated in 1976. By serving the needs of our diverse membership, we have grown through the years. Our current store has more than 6,800 square feet of space, and we serve over a thousand shoppers each day.

To the casual visitor, Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op is a retail store that specializes in natural foods, supplements and organic produce, smoothies, juices and espresso. However, at a fundamental level, we are very different from an average grocery store.

Owned by Our Members

Like the thousands of other cooperatives around the world, Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op is owned by its members. Currently, the co-op has more than 7257 members. Members can vote not only with their dollars, as in a regular store, but also with their ballots. Members also elect a board of directors. The store’s general manager reports to the board of directors. Managers are responsible for day-to-day operation of the store, with the help of roughly 95 staffers.

Anyone can become a member. While members enjoy special benefits, non-members are welcome to shop at the co-op.

Our Vision

We envision a community in which everyone has access to healthy food, where Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op is a vital part of the local food system.

Our Mission

To sell trusted food, with knowledge and compassion.

Our Purpose

The purpose of Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op is to be a vital, thriving and growing community center that will do the following.

Provide and promote organically grown, sustainably produced food, goods and services that are locally and regionally sourced whenever possible.

Promote the health and wellness of our community by providing facilities, resources and information, and by offering effective, positive community education and services.

Embody and model sustainable, humane, equitable, “green” ways of working and living, creating and maintaining an ideal workplace.

Add to the enjoyment and enrichment of our greater community, and the expression of our common humanity.

Help create and participate in other cooperative community ventures and networks.

Have fun doing it!

Our Core Values

As a cooperatively owned business, we value the cooperative principles adopted in 1995 by the International Cooperative Alliance. The following values guide our actions.

  • Integrity: an ethical commitment to bringing sustainability and humane practices into action.
  • Quality Food and Goods: organic, natural and healthy, sustainably produced.
  • Customer Service: friendly and responsive, in an inviting environment.
  • Community Involvement and Leadership: mutual responsiveness that connects us with community members and inspires their involvement.
  • Prosperity: financially viable, flourishing, well-managed organization that returns fair value to its members.