About Us

More than just a grocery store, Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op is a gathering spot and a source for information and inspiration about food and healthy living. Sure, we carry the wide variety of high-quality natural food that you would expect from a Co-op, but we also provide the space for all members of our community to come together.

Always striving to meet the needs of our diverse membership, Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op evolved from humble beginnings as a buying club in 1976 to our current store with more than 6,800 square feet of space which serves over a thousand shoppers seven days a week.

We are very excited about our upcoming expansion, which will add 2,000+ square feet of retail space for a deli, food-to-go, and greatly expanded seating.

We love our community and work every day to be a leader in creating a vibrant, healthy Ukiah!


Our Timeline


Working together to make healthy food accessible to everyone for over 45 years.


Co-op Deals


The Co-op is open to everyone everyday. By joining our 7,000+ members you become part of something bigger - the movement to maintain a healthy food system!



The Co-op is governed by a dedicated group of directors. Meet our board!


Sticking to Our Principles. Every Day.


The Co-op's annual report is mailed to each member-owner or can be viewed here.


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Annual Report >


Every four years, the Co-op board of directors, along with the general manager and department managers, develop the Co-op's Strategic Plan, to provide overarching goals to help guide our decisions.  Find the 2016-2020 below.


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Because Ukiah Natural Foods is a California Cooperative Corporation, we are governed by our bylaws. Updates to the bylaws are made by the board of directors, though some changes are made by a member vote.  Find the bylaws below.

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How do we ensure that the products on our shelves are truly of the highest quality? With a strict merchandising policy! Each of our products is vetted using this policy.


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Expansion Groundbreaking

October 2, 2019

Groundbreaking of a 5000+ square foot expansion!

Construction Gets Underway!

December 31, 2018

March 1, 2020 – Phase II of our project is underway! We’re taking advantage of the nice weather and getting the framing for both stories done. Lots of progress feels great!

Co-op Milestone

December 31, 2018

More info soon.

Co-op Milestone

December 31, 2018

More info coming soon.