Expansion Project

Expansion Timeline

We are moving steadily ahead with our exciting expansion! The project will add 5,782 square feet to the north side of our building. The additional space will enable us to expand food service, including a deli and hot food, as well as office space, bathrooms, and customer seating. Check here for updates to the project.

August 2019
Fast tracking plans submitted to City of Ukiah for review and permitting.

Shifting of products inside store begins in preparation of removal of the building's north wall.

July 2019
Fast tracking plans completed.

February 2019
The architect and various engineers are nearing completion of the design plans for submittal to City of Ukiah Building department and the Environmental Health department.

January 2019
Preliminary roof work was completed in preparation for the solar installation.

September 2018
Planning Commission voted unanimously to approve the expansion project
Airport Land Use Commission voted unanimously to approve the expansion.
Ukiah Daily Journal covers the story: here.

July 2018
Design Review board approved exterior plans.