Co-op Art Wall

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Featured this month: S.P.A.C.E Performing Arts

Come in to Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op today and view our August art wall display featuring beautiful photography of some of the S.P.A.C.E student perfomers.

SPACE Needs your help!
Space is a non profit organization that awards $30,000 per year in scholarships for eligible children.
Those funds come from foundations, businesses and YOU, the community!

SPACE needs to raise $10,000 to meet the 2014 scholarship budget. Any amount is appreciated and it's tax deductible!

Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op has exhibit space, or Art Wall, for local artists to display their talents.  The Art Wall is generally booked one year in advance. 

Co-op Art Wall


  • Each artist has approximately one month to display their art work.
  • The art should be installed in the early morning hours after store open.
  • The artist is responsible for hanging and removing the art.  All art will be hung only within the framed area of the art wall.
  • The art will be hung using the gallery fixtures provided.  No tape, tacks, nails or staples may be used.
  • The art to be displayed will be appropriate for all ages and contains no political or religious overtones, nudity or violence.
  • The Co-op reserves the right to reject art for display or ask that art be removed.
  • The Co-op is not responsible for theft or damage to the art display.
  • Any sales of artwork will be conducted independent of Ukiah Natural Foods co-op and its employees
  • The artist will remove the art by the last day of the month the art is displayed.

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