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Even in tight years and economic decline, Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op is working harder than ever to make sure we are doing what we can in our communities to help those in need. 

The Co-op staff and member-owners support the good work of many charitable organizations in the communities we serve. Each month, the Co-op donates food and nonfood products to the needy in our area.  Our Co-op baristas donated their tips of $4,460.05 to nonprofit community organizations. We are proud that the member-owners and staff of the Co-op are able to give so much to our community! 


Plowshares is a non-profit organization that has been providing free hot meals and other services to the hungry and homeless since 1983 in Ukiah.

Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op makes daily donations to Plowshares as part of our outreach to the community.

Give Back to Schools Week

In 2013  ‘Give Back to Schools Week’ Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op was able to give back $14,170.35 to our local schools!

Harvest of the Month at Ukiah Unified School District

Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op has partnered up with Ukiah Unified School Districts “Harvest of the Month” nutritional education program for a monthly visit to three selected schools, grades K-2 for a series of fun, lively lessons about the benefits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Mary Anne Cox  from the Marketing Department visits a total of seventeen classes with an average of 425 students once a month. These classes engage the children through story, song, and presentation on the selected seasonal fruit or vegetable of the month. The lessons get kids excited about eating fresh fruits and vegetables and teach them about nutrition. The produce is supplied through the Ukiah Unified Food Services Program in support of the “Harvest of the Month” efforts.

The Co-op provides the children with nutritional information to share at home with their families along with a list of our upcoming Co-op Kids Cooking classes. The Marketing Department hosts store tours for students throughout the year, and some of the “Harvest of the Month” students recall visiting the store in years past and look forward to their next store tour!

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