Anyone Can Join Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op!

We envision a community in which everyone has access to healthy food, where Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op is a vital part of the local food system.

Becoming a Member is Easy

As a consumer cooperative, Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op exists for the benefit of the people who use it. It is locally owned and democratically controlled. There are also special discounts and privileges extended to members, which can be viewed in the Member Benefits Section.

1. Fill Out a Membership Form

Complete a membership application at Customer Service. When you apply, you must purchase at least one $10 share in the Co-op.

2. Stay Current

To stay current, purchase a share every 90 days. By investing in shares, members contribute to the working capital of the cooperative. At any time, shareholders can request a full refund of their invested shares.

3. Skip a Share?

You can skip the purchase of one or more shares and resume at a later date. You are still a Co-op member with voting rights, but you will not receive additional member benefits. To resume investing and reactivate your discount, just purchase a share.

4. Go Fair Share

After you purchase 20 shares (a $200 investment), you are a fully invested, Fair Share member. Once you reach Fair Share status, you no longer need to buy shares to receive all the benefits of membership.

5. Use Your Member Card

You will be given a permanent Member card with your account number on it. Each time you check out, show your Member card to receive your patronage dividend. If you forget your Member card, save your receipt–show your Member card and receipt within 30 days to receive the discount.

Eight Benefits to Co-op Membership

1. Member  appreciation discounts are offered to all members four times a year.  You pick the day, we give you 10% off shopping that day, no matter how many times you visit us! Valid for one day each quarter.

2. Members over age 65 receive a permanent 2% discount.  Senior members current on their shares also receive an additional 2% discount Monday – Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and all day Sunday for a grand total of 4%.

3. It pays to stock up on the items you use regularly.  All shoppers can special order a case of a product and get 5% off the shelf price; Members save 10%. Visit Customer Service to special order.

4.  Attend our Co-op Classes for information and fun!  Members always receive a discount of $5 or more off class registration fees.

5. Choose to have your receipts emailed to you.

6.  With sufficient annual earnings, UNF profits will be returned to owners in proportion to purchases.

7.  Receive a special 10% off coupon when you purchase your 20th and final share.

8.  Vote for the Board of Directors and in other decision-making elections, run for the Board, attend our annual Member Meeting in April.