2013 Board Elections - Bylaw Change

In March 2013, in addition to electing three members of the Co-op’s Board of Directors, owners will vote on proposed changes to our Bylaws.  The voting will take place throughout the month of March.  In February, you will receive candidate statements and details of the proposed Bylaw change in the mail, along with instructions on how to cast your vote.

The Board is proposing to add a definition for the term “fair share” to our Bylaws.  This term is currently used in our Bylaws and other Co-op documents, without a clear definition.  Another proposed Bylaws change would require a business that holds an owner share in our Co-op to designate one individual who can vote on behalf of that business in Co-op elections.

Throughout the month of March, owners will be able to vote at the store.  Upon request, an owner may receive and return a ballot by mail. 

Last year, using the store as a polling place was a major success.  It lowered election costs and streamlined the election process.  Unfortunately, it did not increase the number of owners who voted over previous elections, as we had hoped it would.  This March, please vote!  Owner participation is a hallmark of Co-op principles and one of our greatest assets.

If you have questions about the amendments, please contact Board President Cliff Paulin at cpaulin@mcn.org.

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