In the Wake of Prop 37

Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op enthusiastically supported the passage of Prop 37, the Right to Know ballot initiative.  The Co-op made a donation to the Yes on 37 campaign and we did active outreach in the store, through our events and in our publications. Unfortunately, the initiative was defeated by a narrow margin.

Sadly, the parent companies of some of the products we carry donated money to the No on 37 campaign.  Several of our owners have approached the board and staff requesting that the Co-op boycott these products.  After thorough deliberation, the Board of Directors decided not to boycott these products for several reasons. First, consistent with our past policy on product boycotts, the Co-op does not make purchasing decisions based upon political positions.  Second, the Co-op strives to provide a balanced array of products consistent with our merchandising policy.  Such a boycott would remove a large number of products from the shelves, greatly reducing the options available to our owners.  Finally, while the parent companies supported the No on 37 campaign, many of the individual brands they own have maintained their commitment to organic and sustainable agriculture.

In the meantime, the Co-op fully supports our owners making informed choices consistent with their political values, and will continue providing information about which companies supported the No on 37 campaign and which brands those companies own.  There is a poster in the front of the store listing those companies.  The Co-op will only continue to sell those items that our owners purchase, so if our owners truly wish to see those products discontinued from our store, all they have to do is cease purchasing them.  Also, you can also look for the Non-GMO Project label on items throughout store and support those companies by purchasing those products.  In addition, the Co-op will be sending letters to all of the companies who supported the No on 37 campaign informing them of our educational efforts and urging them to never again support a campaign limiting the public’s right to know.

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