Using eRecipts to Track Your Purchases

With patronage dividends, it's crucial
to keep up to date on your share purchases.  Only purchases made by paid-up owners are eligible for the patronage dividend.

If you're a fair-share member, having bought all 20 shares, you never have to worry about this.  But if you're still accumulating shares, it's an important concern. 

One way to check on the status of your account is to ask your cashier each time you check out.  But many of our owners have discovered another way: emailed receipts.

Our emailed receipts are able to display much more information than our hardcopy receipts, for a variety of reasons.  They show how many shares you own, when your next share purchase is due, and whether your current purchase is eligible for the patronage dividend.

And here's another hint:  If your emailed receipt shows that you were not up to date on your shares, it's not too late.  If you buy a share that same day, all purchases that day are eligible.  Even purchases made before you bought the share.

It's easy to sign up.  Just stop by Customer Service and ask to sign up for emailed receipts.  They will ask you for an email address.  They will also offer you the option to continue receiving full hardcopy receipts in addition to emailed receipts.  Even if you opt for "email only," you will still receive a short hardcopy receipt, which will serve as your proof of purchase.

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