Board Committees

Board Committees
The Board of Directors of Ukiah Natural Foods relies on several committees, listed below, to engage in specific work tasks and policy development for consideration by the board. All committees except the GM Evaluation Committee welcome participation by Co-op member/owners. Members other than directors who volunteer to serve on a board committee for a year, and are appointed by the board, receive an additional 2% discount during the month of each regularly scheduled committee meeting they attend. If you would like to be appointed to a committee, you can pick up an application form at the Customer Service counter, or click here.

Ongoing review of financial status of the corporation for the purpose of ensuring continued economic stability in accordance with the by-laws and generally accepted accounting practices.

Board Development Committee
Hold and organize the annual election. This is an ongoing year-long process. Handle projects determined by the board, such as bylaws revision.

Owner Relations Committee
Provide ongoing information and outreach to Co-op member/owners and staff in order to help them: learn and know about Co-op types, structures, principles, benefits, link to community, meetings, board, and staff, and how Co-ops differ from grocery stores. Act as the board liaison in matters related to the Co-op's membership structure -- especially recruitment, communications, and education. Prepare for, publicize, recommend recipients for, and administer the various Community Donation Programs funded by Ukiah Natural Foods. These programs include, but are not limited to, the following: Nonprofit Donation Program, Community Grant Program, John Milder Scholarship Program, Back-to-School Week.

GM Evaluation Committee
Provide for the periodic evaluation of the general manager. Open to board members only.

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