Owner Benefits

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Anyone can join Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op!

As a consumer cooperative, Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op exists for the benefit of the people who use it. It is locally owned and democratically controlled.  There are also special privileges and discounts extended to owners, such as:

  • As a co-owner of the Co-op you can vote for the board, serve on the board or its committees and share in decision making. 
  • Annual patronage dividend - if earnings are sufficient, profits are returned to co-op owners in proportion to their purchases.
  • Special 10% quarterly Owner Appreciation Discounts.
  • Owners over 65 receive a 2% discount. Senior owners receive an additional 2% discount on Sundays.
  • Case discounts on special orders.
  • Opt to have your receipts emailed.
  • Check-writing privileges for up to $50 over purchases.
  • The Co-op Newsletter mailed directly to you.
  • Reduced rates on Co-op classes.
  • Invitation to the Co-op Annual Ownership Meeting.
  • Owner-to-Owner discounts (see below).
  • 10% off coupon for Fair Share members.
  • Senior shopping hours 8:00 am - 12:00 pm Monday - Saturday and all day Sunday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Owner-to-Owner Discounts

We have recently updated our Owner-to-Owner page. Here you will find information and discounts on products and services offered by our owners.

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