10 Ways to Save

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Simple Ways to Save at the Co-op

  1. Become a Co-op Owner
    Current Owners will receive an annual patronage dividend provided the Co-op is profitable. Owners over 65 receive an additional permanent 2% discount. Senior owners receive an additional 2% discount on Sundays. 
  2. Shop Bulk
    Buying in bulk saves you money, plus it saves packaging and allows you to buy only as much as you desire. The Co-op has over 400 items in bulk, including grains, beans, and herbs.
  3. Special Order a Case
    It pays to stock up on the items you use regularly. All shoppers can special order a case of a product and get 5% off the shelf price; Owners save 10%. Ask Customer Service for details about special ordering. 
  4. Owner Appreciation Discounts
    Four times a year Owners can receive an additional 10% off their entire order. Ask a staff person for details. 
  5. Buy in Season
    When produce is in season, it is at its freshest, tastiest...and best price! Ask a produce clerk what's the pick of the season.
  6. Co-op Deals
    The Co-op features over 1,000 items on sale every month. Download the sales flyer from our website (on the right side) or pick one up by the front doors and watch the aisles for sale signs. 
  7. Co-op Deals Coupon Book
    These books offer discounts on approximately a hundred items. Co-op Owners will receive these value-packed books in their mailbox. The coupon books are also available in store. 
  8. Discount on Co-op Classes
    The Co-op offers fun and educational classes throughout the year. Topics range from "Gluten Free Living" to "Vegan Thanksgiving," and you'll receive tuition savings as part of your Ownership. Watch for class information in the Co-op newsletter.
  9. Owner-to-Owner Discounts
    As a Co-op Owner you receive Owner-to-Owner business discounts on everything from acupuncture to web design, from dog training to physical therapy. 
  10. Food Values
    Enjoy nutrition-packed, additive-free foods from the Co-op and you'll get the most food value for your dollar. You can also invest in your "food values" by purchasing foods that are locally-produced, fair trade and certified organic-from a cooperative store that's community-owned and operated! 

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