2021 Community Grants & Donations application period has closed. 

We've been serving Ukiah since 1976, that's 45 years! Ukiah is where we're from and who we are. We're dedicated to fostering practices that will help our community flourish - which means carrying only the most environmentally responsible products we can find and investing in our community. Literally.

In 2021 we donated $8450 from our 2020 profits to fund the Community Grants and Donations. We were able to support 7 local non-profits working in the fields of health, wellness, and education. Find the list of recipients here.

Beyond that, we're dedicated to cultivating a culture of people who appreciate farmers and real food. Together, we're doing our part to nourish the place we call home.


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In addition to supporting our community in a variety of ways, Ukiah Natural Foods works to reduce waste, create living wage jobs, and embrace energy saving technologies and ideas. We know that in order for a place to grow and stay well, everyone must do their part. We try to lead by example and invite everyone in Ukiah to do the same!


Man on a tractor in a field.

Co-op Farm Loan Program

The Co-op's Farm Loan Program provides low interest loans to local farmers in order to expand their business. The deadline for 2021 loans has passed. The next loan cycle will begin in late 2021.

Farm Loan Program


Our 2021 Community Grants & Donations recipients can be found here.  Application for 2022 grants will be available in late 2021.  Check back later for the grant application.

Do you know of a local non-profit that could benefit from our Round Up at the Register program?  Round Up at the Register gives Co-op shoppers the opportunity to donate to a different local non-profit organization each month.

To be considered for the program, please complete this form and email to or drop it off at the Customer Service Counter.