We've been serving Ukiah since 1976, that's 44 years! Ukiah is where we're from and who we are. We're dedicated to fostering practices that will help our community flourish - which means carrying only the most environmentally responsible products we can find and investing in our community. Literally.

In 2020 we donated $16,000 from our 2019 profits to fund the Community Grants and Donations. We were able to support 15 local non-profits working in the fields of health, wellness, and education. Find the list of recipients here.

Beyond that, we're dedicated to cultivating a culture of people who appreciate farmers and real food. Together, we're doing our part to nourish the place we call home.


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In addition to supporting our community in a variety of ways, Ukiah Natural Foods works to reduce waste, create living wage jobs, and embrace energy saving technologies and ideas. We know that in order for a place to grow and stay well, everyone must do their part. We try to lead by example and invite everyone in Ukiah to do the same!


Man on a tractor in a field.

Farm Loan Program Accepting Applications

The Co-op's Farm Loan Program is now accepting applications. Loan will be in amounts of approximately $2,500 - $10,000. Applications are due on January 10, 2021. Click below for instructions.

Local Farmer Loan Fund Info


Our 2020 Community Grants & Donations recipients can be found here.  Application for 2021 grants will be available in late 2020.  Check back later for the grant application.

The Co-op's commitment to a healthy community is reflected in our annual initiatives, including Give Back to Schools Week and Community Grants & Donations.  Give Back to Schools Week takes place October 11 - 17, 2020.

Do you know of a local nonprofit that could benefit from our Change for Change program?  Each month the Co-op's Espresso & Juice bar donates tips to a local non-profit. To be considered for the program, please complete this form and email to or drop it off at the Customer Service Counter.