Salade Niçoise – The Perfect Summer Meal

The completed salad ready to eat

Your backyard garden is overflowing with its summer bounty, or the CSA box arrived packed with a variety of fresh seasonal veggies. Perhaps the Co-op or farmers market has great prices on peak-season produce. It’s 100 degrees outside and dinnertime is approaching. Pour yourself a nice glass of local rose and put together a salade […]

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Why Join the Board of Directors? Here’s Why.

Co-ops are owned by their members. Unlike other business models where profits are distributed among one or just a few stakeholders, members of co-ops benefit equally when their co-op is successful. Steve Oliveria, vice president of Ukiah Natural Foods Board of Directors, put together this short message from current board members about why co-ops are […]

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The Importance of Regional Food Systems – Now More than Ever

Modern food systems are continually moving toward efficiency, many times at the expense of resiliency, as we’ve recently seen. Most people are not aware that grocery stores only hold a few days’ worth of product and that they rely on continuous deliveries from distributors, wholesalers, and vendors. Thus, the entire distribution network depends on passable […]

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Bringing the Heart of Mendo to the Co-op

When you make the decision to purchase locally, you are choosing to directly contribute to your community. By putting your dollars back into your hometown you are helping yourself and your neighbors benefit directly from your purchases. You are also encouraging a smaller carbon footprint since local products aren’t shipped long distances. In Mendocino County, […]

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Community Gratitude

Ukiah Co-op Logo

Mendocino County has faced its share of extraordinarily challenging times in recent years and we have demonstrated over and over again that we are a strong, caring, resilient community.  Without a doubt our folks know how to pull together, take care of each other, and recover.  Though it can seem overwhelming at times, we will […]

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