Bringing the Heart of Mendo to the Co-op

When you make the decision to purchase locally, you are choosing to directly contribute to your community. By putting your dollars back into your hometown you are helping yourself and your neighbors benefit directly from your purchases. You are also encouraging a smaller carbon footprint since local products aren’t shipped long distances.

In Mendocino County, we are very fortunate to be surrounded by artistic, driven and inspirational creators. From painters to writers, soap makers to chefs, we are surrounded by exceptional people.
When you take a walk through the Co-op’s Health, Beauty and Wellness departments, you will see products from local companies with names such as Pretty Little Savage, Root Girl Herbals, Desert Salve, and Fire Cider, Two Olive Trees Herbal, Raise the Bar, and Mama’s Medicinals.

Behind these names are truly talented Mendocino women who have put their energy and hearts into the products they offer. A labor of love goes into the beeswax candles, greeting cards, tinctures and serums offered here. With their carefully selected ingredients, wildcrafted herbs, and a true understanding of healthy living, these local women are caring for their customers in a way that goes above and beyond expectations and forges a path for other women to do the same. We are very lucky to have them in our midst!

Please join us this spring for our next Local Ladies’ Demo Day when you can see, taste and test some of the richness this community has to offer. You will not be disappointed!