Community Gratitude

Mendocino County has faced its share of extraordinarily challenging times in recent years and we have demonstrated over and over again that we are a strong, caring, resilient community.  Without a doubt our folks know how to pull together, take care of each other, and recover.  Though it can seem overwhelming at times, we will continue to meet each challenge together.

As this goes to print our county is experiencing a Shelter In Place order due to the corona virus.  It is unprecedented.  The immediate future is unclear and now more than ever, we are reminded of the greater good.  As a grocery store, the Co-op is an essential service and our staff has risen to the challenge with grace and dedication, determined to help our community stay supplied with necessary goods.  We applaud these dedicated workers for their considerable effort.

Cooperatives are inherently about communities working together for the greater good.  The Seven International Cooperative Principles have helped guide the mission of Ukiah Natural Foods for the past 43 years.  As busy shoppers look for high quality groceries and ready-made food they can easily forget that our robust grocery store was founded on the ideals of working together.  Working for the benefit of our members, shoppers, vendors, and staff – our community.

These all-too-frequent natural disasters remind us that we are all in this together, just as the cooperative principles do.  So, during these trying times, let’s remember to be grateful, as much as possible, and appreciate the things that are good.  We can be grateful that the sun comes up every day, and also for the friends, family, and neighbors that create our culture of shared experiences.

Remember to look up and notice our beautiful mountains, majestic redwoods and stunning sunsets and sunrises.  Walk outside to drink in the beauty all around.  It is a beauty that requires from us only a little care and appreciation.