produce row

Fresh from the Farm

Our Produce department is our pride and joy. Our produce represents our roots, our connection to the land. The fruit of our labor. We source from local farmers whenever possible, guaranteeing you the freshest food possible.

It's the height of apple season! Right now the Co-op is offering 26 varieties of organic apples, 22 of which are organic!  Click below for descriptions of some favorites!

100% Organic. No exceptions.

That's right. Our entire produce selection is 100% organic. No pesticides, no herbicides. Not only do we want to bring you the most natural food possible, but we also deeply care about maintaining the fertility of the soil as long as possible. When you shop at the Co-op you can be certain that the food you're eating is as good for the Earth as it is for you!


"Our Produce department takes great pride in providing a beautiful, diverse selection of fresh, 100% organic produce, with as many seasonal varieties as possible. Take advantage of our great daily values, along with ongoing Delectable Deals to enjoy super savings on fabulous items."

Libee Uhuru, Department Manager